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Technician Team

The Technician Team is the newest and sixth division of the society, formed September 2020!

The team maintains the printers, works closely with all the divisions and prints prototypes as well as final models. 

Our work during the pandemic

Throughout the pandemic we have continued the societies printing efforts remotely as well as offered online workshops for Handprints

e-NABLE members throughout the year to educate them more about 3D printing and CAD design.


In addition we have collaborated with external contacts such as Dr Ruchi Pathak Kaul, for the provision of 3D printing advice and models such as the maxillofacial skull surgery model in December 2020 and recruited two of our own technicians as judges of the 2021 GUBMES CAD competition.

Our work outside university

We provide advice on 3D printing and CAD to our members and external contacts and reach out to technicians and external Handprints e-NABLE contacts for advice and collaboration.

If you would like to contact us you can reach the team at:

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