Recent News

Kayla's Prosthetic

A project that started last February has finally come to an end now that Kayla from The Bahamas received her final prosthetic!
Kayla's mum, Bianca says 'Her confidence is through the roof. She won't take it off' which is an amazing thing to hear, and, as you can see in the pictures, it does look great on her!
The device is the phoenix v2 design and this was the society's first virtual assembly. Despite all the restrictions the team managed to get it completed to a good standard. 
The team consisted of Heather, Tallulah and Fai. The artwork on the final device was added by Heather's flatmate. 
We are all really happy with how it turned out and so pleased that she loves it.

November 2020


Nomination for Bright Network Society of the Year Awards

We are delighted to inform you that we have been shortlisted for the Innovation Award. We would be grateful if you supported us by voting for us. Check out our video, sign in and vote via the link

November 2020

Introducing the new Technicians Team!

Who we are - We are the Handprints e-NABLE Scotland Technician Team, newest and sixth division of the society, formed September 2020!

What do we do -We maintain the printers, work closely with all the divisions and print prototypes aswell as final models. Furthermore, we can provide advice on 3D printing and CAD to our members and external contacts. We also regularly reach out to technicians and external handprints contacts for advice and collaboration

November 2020

Receiving our ETAwards

Our Engineering Talent Awards for 'Best Engineering Society of Year Award 2020' and 'Overall Excellence in Engineering Award 2020' have arrived in the post, aren't they beautiful?!

We cannot wait to put these on display proudly! Many thanks to the ETAwards20 and EqualEngineers aswell as past and present members for making this all possible

November 2020

A few weeks back we got a message from Brian from Fraserburgh asking for advice for making prosthetics hands himself using the e-NABLE online library. We gave him some tips and he has very kindly donated his hand models to us, they arrived in the post and it was a lovely surprise!

October 2020

Prototype hand donations

Our committee had a zoom meeting with the committee at Handprints Strathclyde. We used this time to share our plans, update each other on our progress and have a general chat.
Handprints Strathclyde officially started up in 2018 and are still working out the fundamentals of their society. They are also looking to recruit a committee team and members so we were happy to be able to share our tips and offer advice!

Our societies have previously linked up with a collaborative workshop in November 2019 where we practiced assembling a printed prosthetic We are all super excited to further build our connection and give each other a helping hand

October 2020

Handprints Strathclyde

Connecting with e-NABLE Nepal

As a result of his design project progress, Alistair received contact from e-Nable Nepal regarding the production and testing of his design in their own e-nable chapter!

Shikshya and her team at e-Nable Nepal recieved the finger grip files and associated documents Alistairsent over. Alistair held a zoom call to introduce our society and his developing project.

September 2020


ETA 'Overall Excellence in Engineering Award 2020'

Big News!!
We were informed during the ETA zoom award ceremony that Handprints e-NABLE Scotland won The Engineering Talent Awards 'Overall Excellence in Engineering Award 2020' !!! 

We would like to give the BIGGEST thank you to The Engineering Talent Awards! The fact that we were even considered for the award is truly amazing. We are so glad our societies hard work and dedication has paid off 

All the other candidates were so deserving and we hope everyone the best in their future Engineering endeavours 


September 2020

ETA 'Best Engineering Society of the Year Award 2020'


It was announced that we have won the Engineering Talent Awards 'Best Engineering Society of the Year 2020' Award! 🏆 

This is such an amazing achievement for us and we cannot begin to explain how grateful we are to everyone who has helped us reach this point! With special thanks to past and present society members who's determination and efforts have allowed the society to grow and improve vastly since it was founded in 2016 💕

We aim to continue with our growth and positively impact many more people, whether by donating prosthetics, educating people on the amazing opportunities involved in STEM or giving experience to students who join our society!

September 2020

Virtual Prototype Assembly


One of our prosthetics teams have been working together to virtually assemble our prototype prosthetics. Here is a picture from a zoom meeting where they completed them on Thursday! This was our first ever virtual assembly 

August 2020

Alistair wrote an article about his journey throughout the finger grips design challenge and submitted it to the 'DesignSpark Students – share your innovations! Competition'.

The article managed to win one of the Top 3 projects prize and the Best Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Prize!!!

DesignSpark is a fantastic platform to view the latest developments and projects in design engineering and technology, ranging from subjects such as robotics and 3D printing to student articles. It's great place to share your ideas and get in touch with like-minded individuals/innovators, we recommend checking it out!

August 2020

Design Spark Challenge

We 3D printed face shields for health care workers in Uruguay. An update by one of our members Marycarmen Flores:
In May I asked Isabella Sheldon if she could give me some face shields for my family because my mom is a doctor and my dad works for a pharmaceutical company and Uruguay ( where I live- a small country in the south of Brasil.) has not enough resources to give all doctors and healthcare workers the adequate protection.
Isabella ended up giving me more than the ones I asked for, so my mom donated the rest to her colleagues at the hospital.

Uruguay is a small country and with this crisis people is living on a short budget and thus, healthcare workers cannot afford to buy more than a few facemask that they ( wrongly) use for more than 2 days. So when my mom arrived with the face shields at the hospital people were moved by your work, dedication and kind heart.

The people here is really grateful for what this society have done for them. They cannot speak English so let me tell to everyone that cooperated in this project, specially to Isabella , mine and their thanks for the face shields. '
We are so grateful to be able to help out all we can at a time like this. It is such a relief that the face shields arrived safely and have been used by some of the remarkable health care workers in Uruguay! 

August 2020

3D Printed Faceshields

Engineering Talent Awards

We are lucky enough to have been shortlisted at the Engineering Talent Awards for the Best Engineering Society of the Year 2020.

We are over the moon and are very grateful to be shortlisted. Thank you to everyone who has been part of Handprints over the years to help us get here.

February 2020

Engineering Society (1).jpg

Lets Talk About [X] Conference

The myoelectrics team at Handprints e-NABLE Scotland were invited along to speak at the Let's Talk About [X] conference at the University of Glasgow.  This is an annual undergraduate multidisciplinary conference which aims to bring students, staff and researchers from different fields to come together and discuss outstanding research conducted by the students.

February 2020

Handprints t-shirts

Our media team have been busy designing and ordering t-shirts for the entire Handprints e-NABLE Scotland group. They arrived recently and will be brilliant to wear on school visits and events we are invited to. They will also help us promote our organisation around the University of Glasgow campus. Here's two of our committee members modelling the new t-shirts.

February 2020

School Visits

We were recently invited back to Netherlee Primary School to talk to the students about what we do. We presented to around 90 pupils on Biomedical Engineering and introduced them to the world of prosthetics.

February 2020

Solidworks CAD Workshops

We have recently been running a couple of CAD workshops at our university to help develop peoples interest in CAD skills. These workshops are run by our very own 3D printing expert Joe and were a huge success.

January 2020

Fatima's Story

13 year old Fatima from Pakistan sadly lost her hand in an accident a little over a year ago. Handprints e-NABLE Scotland were able to help her by using a cast of her arm to create a 3D printed prosthetic. This mechanical hand allows her to carry out simple everyday tasks that she was unable to before. Making little differences.

September 2019

Curiosity Live

Recently our team has been taking part in Curiosity Live hosted by the Glasgow Science Centre. This event was all about inspiring children and their families by introducing them to what we do.

We took along some of our prosthetics as well as other 3D printed goodies for the families to see.

We present for school children all over the Glasgow area, teaching the little ones about prosthetics, what we do and why they should become an engineer.

If you are interested in a visit to your school, please get in touch!

November 2019