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The idea of our Outreach section is to reach out with out technology and experience to help in any way we can, in any type of sector and field. If you know of a way we could help you in another way than prosthetics, please contact our Outreach team!

We have multiple teams within our Outreach division

  • Rehabilitation

  • Animal Mobility

  • Bespokes

  • Learning aids

Examples of our projects:

Face shields

Face shields designed by a member of our society, were printed using our resources and sent to key workers around the UK and a hospital in Uruguay.

learning aids.jpg

3D printed braille tiles


Collaboration with the Queen Elizabeth National Spinal Injuries Unit working on assistive devices for patients with full or partial spinal injuries.

Assistive devices

outreach cat.jpg

Paw Prints

Paw Prints is our initiative to improve prosthetic and healthcare tools for animals, and make them easy to produce and access. Many types of assis tools for animal rehabilitation is expensive and only available in certain countries. We are therefore working with local vets to 3D print supportive walking assisting devices for cats with paralysed hind legs.

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