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Educating about prosthetics and technology

We at Handprints want to do our best to educate and interest as many people as we can about prosthetics and our technology. We have found ourselves at a unique position where we can talk to children at schools and fairs, and very early on introduce them to the ideas of medical assitive tools such as prosthetic hands and therefore not only remove stigma around the subject, but also raise enthusiasm and excitement around the topic.

We hope that our efforts will bring more young children into the field of prosthetics, and that children with prosthetics will feel that school is an understanding and respecting environment.

We visit schools and STEM fairs throughout the year. If you know of a school that would like a visit, please contact our education team!

Glasgow Science Centre

We regularly attend Primary School events at the Science Centre where we introduce kids to the world of prosthetics.

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