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3D-printed prosthetics

Handprints e-NABLE Scotland is a student group at the University of Glasgow, where we make personalised 3D printed prosthetics for the local community free of charge. We specialise in 3D printing elbow or wrist-controlled prosthetics, that allow the user to grip and control objects.

We will personalise our prosthetics to fit the user not only physically, but also in spirit! This can involve functional things such as add on attachments to support certain activities, or decorative things such as painting their favourite character onto it or printing it in their favourite colour!

The prosthetics we gift are 100% free, and anyone is welcome! Please feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries. We are based in Glasgow, but have succesfully worked with recipients in other locations (even other countries), so please contact us even if you do not live in Glasgow.

The basis of the designs we use are open source and are shared on Enabling the Future ( Our two most common prosthetics are shown below.

Wrist-controlled prosthetics

If the recipient has a functional wrist joint, they can use a wrist-controlled prosthetic. This type has fingers that will bend when the user bends their wrist. This means that picking up objects such as toys and bottles is possible!

Elbow-controlled prosthetics

The elbow-controlled prosthetic is very similar to the wrist-controlled one, but requires a functional elbow joint instead of a wrist joint.



We want our recipients to love their prosthetics, and want them to suit not just in size but in style! We therefore do our best to print the right colour, and also incorporate patterns into them if wanted. Commonly children get their favourite characters painted onto it. This is completely up to the recipient and will be discussed throughout the process.

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